Committee Program

TMUN 2023 will run in a hybrid format, with eight exciting in-person committees and two online committees. With offerings ranging from the classic Disarmament and International Security Committee to the new and innovative Mars Crisis Committee, there is a committee for everyone. During the registration process, delegates will be able to indicate the top three committees that they would like to participate in. While we cannot guarantee that delegates will be placed in their preferred committees, it is more likely that you will receive your preferred committee if you register earlier. To see a list of countries/characters within the different committees, please check the country matrices on the respective committee tabs.

General Assemblies and ECOSOCs

Disarment and International Security Committee

Legal Committee

United Nations Children’s Fund

Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee

Crisis Committees

Arab Spring

The Humanity Beyond — Mars 2050

Multiverse of Madness

Russo-Ukrainian Peace Negotiations

Online Committees

World Health Organisation

Commission on Science and Technology for Development

The East is Red, the Chinese Cultural Revolution 1968 - 9th Politburo of the CPC (Crisis)

International Committees

United Nations Human Rights Council

The 2023 Cricket World Cup (Crisis)